Small Group Training - Your Own Trainer at a Fraction of the Cost 

Flex Those Muscles and Funny Bones: Small Fitness Training, Fueled with a bit of Laughter

Let's face it, the gym membership game can sometimes feel like a one-sided relationship – you pay your dues, and the treadmill barely remembers your name.

But in our small group training sessions, you'll be more than just a number; you'll be part of a fitness family that knows your goals, your limits, and your uncanny ability to make pop culture references at the most unexpected moments.

Say goodbye to those treadmill talk-shows and hello to spirited workouts with a squad that will cheer you on, groan through planks with you, and maybe even join in on your impromptu victory dance when you finally nail that elusive kettlebell swing.

So, if you're ready to swap out the "poxy" gym membership for an adventure in laughter, sweat, and shared success, join our small group training and let's make getting fit the most enjoyable part of your day!

We’ve invested in our state-of-the art S.G.P.T. Studio to offer something completely unique in Jersey.

Join our Small Group Personal Training for 28 Days and feel the difference working with your very own Coach

Strictly limited to 6 members a session, making sessions personalised and tailored 

  • Acesss to 4,18, 12 or 16 S.G.P.T sessions a month with add on Group Boxing Training workouts available to really boost your fitness levels

  • Top branded equipment to ensure sessions are always varied and fun 

  • Video on Demand workouts in case your away or feel like doing additional workouts 

  • Nutrition Guides and ideas to take the guesswork out of what to eat and when 

  • Shit hot trainers who know just how to get the best out of you each and every sessions

 S.G.P.T Call Request

Please choose a time that works for your S.G.P.T Call

If you are committed to investing time and money to FEEL fired up and motivated then please fill out these few questions 

Here's What S.G.P.T Sounds Like!

Chris Witham

I love the fact that I am not walking into a big gym. Our Small Group sessions are great but hard and we always have a bit of banter which always helps.

Jonny Sellar

Eve and Craig always break things up and ensure your always progressing and building strength and stamina. Two sessions a week really gives my week the balance I need.

Greg Morrison

Honestly the best training I've ever experienced, No session is ever the same and the team know how to get the best out of you.


What equipment so I need?

We ask you to do have gloves and pads which we do have available for sale. Myzone Belts are not compulsory but we strongly recommend you purchase them from us so to support your fitness goals and journey. 

What time are the workouts?

Where can I park?

Green Street Car Park
Snow Hill Car Park
Grosvenor Street 

What sessions can I attend?

Depending on weather you would like to do attend 1,2, or 3 a week we like to agree what sessions you could make and fix to the same days/times. 

Can I attend another session if I miss my agreed workout time slot? 

Yes you can if there is availability but this needs to come through us and be confirmed before you book in.

How long is the commitment? 

If you start on a 28-Day Kickstart the commitment following this is 12-Months. We want to work with people who want S.G.P.T part of their lives and routine. 

What if I can’t make a session? 

We get that stuff happens from time to time. If you can’t make a session please cancel on your app and send us an SMS on asking if we can book you onto an alternative time slot. 

Are the workouts mixed or male/female?

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28-Day Journey and join a community of people who started where you may be now…

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